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Oracle Technology Network (OTN) is the Largest Developer Community

According to this SDA Asia Magazine article:

OTN has reportedly bumped pass the four hundred thousand member point making it the largest developer community for Oracle in the Asia Pacific region and second largest worldwide… OTN’s new position in the India market also translates to an increase in Oracle’s total online community in the country – comprising customers, partners, students, developers, technical specialists among others – to almost seven hundred thousand members.

Even though the article does not list the source for this information, judging from the increase in the number of Oracle related websites and blogs, the online Oracle community is indeed expanding.

By the way, is MSDN the largest developer community?

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    could some body help me in telling that what are the base tables of inventory module in apps

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    I suggest you go to and look them up there. Note that you need a Metalink account to access this site.