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Guess Who Has a Trolley in His House

Larry Ellison Mansion Picture

This is one of uncle Larry‘s homes. He owns 12 properties in Malibu alone, with a total value of $180 million. This one is only $20 million. It has a cable railway that acts as a shuttle between the mansion and the pool. Impressive!

Source: Haute Living. Via: Valleywag.

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Reader's Comments

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    Having just watched the original Die Hard last night you’ve just made me realise something: Ellison or Criminal money theiving character played by Alan Rickman You decide… 😛

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    As the article says, that’s a funicular (see the wikipedia entry), as opposed to a trolley. You can see part of the roof of the second car behind the trees at the bottom. Wouldn’t want to work up a sweat getting to the tennis courts…

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    Or maybe they just want to save time getting to the tennis court. Trolley or funicular, it’s just amazing having one in your house.