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5 Links from Around the Web (2007-05-25)

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    Eddie, Thanks for steering people to my codegen link. I agree that it is really important to avoid writing code whenever you can generate it, and table APIs are especially good candidates for generation.

    HOWEVER, I really need to update that page. Because PL/Generator is very old and is completely superseded and improved upon by the freeware Quest CodeGen Utility:

    Thanks! SF

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    Steven, thanks for the pointer to A link from the old codegen page to qcgu would be a good idea.

    We are currently writing a big system in PL/SQL (and other technologies). qcgu can be a great time saver for us and help us follow standards and best practices.

    As always, your contributions to the Oracle community are greatly appreciated.

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    Well, Eddie, that is a really good piece of advice! So I updated that page. Long overdue. Thanks for the prompting…


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    I know CodeGen can be a real time saver. In our company we are using CodeGen to generate pieces of Delphi Code for our framework application. We are also using CodeGen to generate QDA packages to build code easier. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask ;-).