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Have You Heard of Tumblelogs?

I’m not a big fan of blogrolls. A blogroll is a collection of links to other blogs. I believe what’s more interesting and useful is to have a a collection of links to other blog posts and web pages, or a linkblog. Some bloggers use the shared items in Google Reader as their linkblog. Robert Scoble uses this approach for his famous linkblog.

But even a linkblog can be limiting. What if you want to blog not only links, but also photos, quotes, dialogues and video, quickly and easily. Well, there is a special type of blog, called tumblelog, that does exactly that. Unlike blogs, there is no commenting on tumblelogs.

I like this tumblelog idea. So I set up one, Eddie Awad Randomized (feed). I’ll be posting interesting, educational, useful or just plain fun tumbles, Oracle and non-Oracle related. I also set it up to to automatically import my shared items in Google Reader. But unlike Google Reader’s shared items, I can search my tumblelog using any known blog search service.

Eddie Awad Randomized is powered by tumblr, a free and extremely easy online tool for creating tumblelogs.


Note: I’m writing this blog post using Windows Live Writer, I like it. 

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    Very interesting Eddie.

    I was aware of tumblr and I actually find people’s recent shared items more interesting than a static outdated blogroll.

    I also use Google Shared Items to highlight articles of interest that don’t merit a blog entry per se or material I might want to revisit.

    Scanning your tumblelog was interesting as I found we share some feeds in common (you even marked a couple of the exact same articles !) and I discovered some new, interesting feeds (love the Wiki description video).

    I also like Clipmarks where you can clip a individual paragraph or section from a Web page and share this info.

    The only thing missing (IMHO) is the ability to annotate the clip/tumble with your own comments. I would really like to know why a reader marked a post as interesting , controversial or noteworthy.

    Is this possible with tumblr ?

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    Hi Andy, Tumblr allows you to edit a tumble before posting, so you can add your own comments if you wish. But, in this case, and especially when my comment is relatively long, I prefer to post it here, at my “normal” blog.

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    Great explanation of Tumblr. It looks like a more user-friendly way to publish bookmarks and other fun stuff. I could see this getting more traction than

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    Hi Eddie , Thank for notice such a good tools,

    usually i follow all my favor blog through blogroll and import into my ipaq so that i can read it anytime & anyway . But when i wanted to read further i alway need to find a hotspot for it.

    This tumblelogs, some how server like an newsgroups reader where it dig out all detail into 1 mail in a more graphic manner.

    But 1 thing i still not understand is linkblog and tumblelogs, because i surf around robert scoble linkblog i found it have much more feature compare with tumblelog and both serve the same purpose..’putting out info in full’…