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16 Links to Help You Learn And Use Regular Expressions

Regular expressions can save you hours or even days of work in some cases. For anyone not yet familiar with regular expressions, I definitely recommend to get to know at least the basics. That’s what Tanel Poder advised his readers and I agree with him. To that end, here is a list of resources (in no specific order) that will help you and me understand and learn regular expressions:

  1. The Regex Coach – interactive regular expressions: A graphical application for Windows which can be used to experiment with (Perl-compatible) regular expressions interactively.
  2. This site is a regular expression evaluator for three different regular expression systems, PHP PCRE, PHP Posix and Javascript.
  3. On this site, you can find a quick start guide, tutorials, references and ready-to-use regular expression examples.
  4. Quick Reference Guide: Regular expressions cheat sheet (PDF).
  5. Know your regular expressions: Essential aids in building and testing regular expressions on UNIX systems.
  6. The absolute bare minimum every programmer should know about regular expressions.
  7. Learning Regular Expressions: Video tutorial.

And here is a list of Oracle related regular expressions links:

  1. Understand Oracle 10g SQL Regular Expression support: The Oracle database has built-in regular expressions built upon the POSIX standard.
  2. Writing Better SQL Using Regular Expressions: The regular expressions feature in Oracle Database 10g is a powerful tool for manipulating textual data.
  3. Using Regular Expressions in Oracle Database: This chapter from the Oracle Database Application Developer’s Guide introduces regular expression support for Oracle Database.
  4. Multilingual Regular Expression Syntax: Lists the full set of operators defined in the POSIX standard that Oracle follows.
  5. Regular Expression Operator Multilingual Enhancements: Oracle’s implementation of the POSIX operators extends beyond the matching capabilities specified in the POSIX standard.
  6. REGEXP_INSTR: Extends the functionality of the INSTR function by letting you search a string for a regular expression pattern.
  7. REGEXP_SUBSTR: Extends the functionality of the SUBSTR function by letting you search a string for a regular expression pattern.
  8. REGEXP_REPLACE: Extends the functionality of the REPLACE function by letting you search a string for a regular expression pattern.
  9. REGEXP_LIKE: It is similar to the LIKE condition, except REGEXP_LIKE performs regular expression matching instead of the simple pattern matching performed by LIKE.

Note that Oracle regular expressions support started with  the Oracle database version 10gR1 and above.

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    Eddie, do you know a website where you could find an overview for most standard regular expressions like: postal code, social security number, etc.



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    Marco, a quick Google search led me to this site:

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    Second time today that I had to admit that I had overlooked this one.

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    Hello Eddie, i just completed some restyling on the Oracle Regular Expression Workbench.

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