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8 Links from Around the Web (2007-07-13)

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    blink182 LOL!

    “…What the heck is ADD?”

    I mentioned this 10 most to the IS manager sitting next to me, and he asked if our SYS password was still on it 🙂

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    Excellent. You have done the Empire a great service. We shall use these resources to hack into the databases of the rebel forces!

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    WAIT..hold on a sec, I better tell Lord Vader to make sure those tips won’t work on us. You know how much it costs to build a Death Star?! Our stock (EMPRE, listed on the GSX (Galactic Stock Exchange)) takes a huge hit whenever that happens.

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    Joel, you’re right, 123456 and abc123 and the others, do look like common passwords, but blink182?! LOL2

    Hey, Darth Vader, it looks like you’re really into Star Wars, but your blog is not bad at all.