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New Oracle ACE and Website

Oracle has just revamped the Oracle ACE section on OTN. In addition to the new look and feel, they also introduced a new ACE level, ACE Directors who meet a higher level of expectation in terms of community activity.

Check out the new Oracle ACE program site, Oracle ACE qualifications and nominations, and the brand new Find Oracle ACEs application.

Now each Oracle ACE has a page of his/her own. Here is mine. Yes, I have recently been granted Oracle “ACE-dom”. Thanks for whoever nominated me. The Oracle community rocks!

Filed in Oracle on 20 Jul 07

Reader's Comments

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    Congrats! You deserve it!

    Free open world and the really cool sweatshirt!

    I’m not too sure about the director thing. I’m not sure what the 12 month commitment thing is all about. I’m also not sure that the bigger names won’t automatically get it. It’s like too many people got the ace so now they need to make it ace Sr and ace Jr.

    Oh well, I still like the sweat short. Very soft. 😉


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    I’m not normally one for back-slapping, but with OraNA, your blog website and so on, this is thoroughly deserved for your community contribution, which is the envy of many (me included).

    I was surprised to realise that it hadn’t been recognised already.



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    Eddie, Congratulations! You totally deserves it.

    Now you can put that A of Spade on your business card, 🙂

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    Very well deserved Eddie, congrats!

    See you at the ACEs dinner this year (if I don’t sleep through it with jetlag again!).


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    congratulation! You deserve it!

    BTW, for those you haven’t noticed it. The new ACE Finder and Profile pages are an Oracle APEX application. Sweet 🙂


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    Lewis, Doug, Peter, John and Patrick, thank you all for your warm congrats.

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    Eddie, congratulations!

    I’m really happy for you.


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    Thanks Dimitri. I did notice that the ACE finder is an APEX application. I guess Oracle is using APEX more, which leads to more power to you APEX Gurus 🙂