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New Oracle PL/SQL Error Management Framework Released

Error management in Oracle PL/SQL should be part of your application design and should follow a standard process for handling and raising errors. The good news is that you do not have to design and code your error management system yourself because Steven Feuerstein has done all the work for you.

During the seminar that I attended a couple of weeks ago, Steven announced the early release of a new product called the Quest Error Manager or QEM for short.

So, what is QEM? From the product documentation:

QEM is a framework that will help you standardize the management of errors in Oracle PL/SQL-based applications. It consists of the q$error_manager package and several underlying tables that store information about errors that occur in an application.

Moreover, QEM offers a single package to help you trace the execution of your application. The basic features are as follows:

  • Write trace information out to the q$log table or to the DBMS_OUTPUT buffer.
  • Selectively turn on and off tracing through calls to the q$error_manager procedures.
  • Trace execution of code by a context string, and then also include strings, numbers, dates or Boolean values.

The Quest Error Manager is a freeware product and is not supported by Quest Software. You can download it as a zip file from

Lastly, I suggest you read Steven’s PowerPoint presentation Making the Most of PL/SQL Error Management Features. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can still read the document from within your browser on scribd.

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Reader's Comments

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    Is this an update to the PLVision.PLVexc package or a completely different approach?

  2. |

    Thanks for letting folks know about this, Eddie.

    Rob, this is new and improved, quite a different approach.

    Please also realize that this is an early/first release. I will be improving documentation and features over time (slowly, though – have to keep expectations down), so please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding QEM!

    SF –

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    Thanks for sharing this. Was helpful.