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Add Any Search Engine to Your Browser, The Easy Way

Whether you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, you probably know about this handy search box usually located at the top right corner of your browser window. This search box puts search engines at your fingertips and makes them easily available to you whenever you need them.

I have recorded a short three and a half minute screencast, with voice, that shows you how you can add any search engine to your browser’s search box, in just four clicks:

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Filed in Extensions, Firefox, Oracle, Plugins, Tips on 28 Aug 07

Reader's Comments

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    I’ll see your 4 clicks and raise you 1 right-click. Firefox 2 users can install an add-on called OpenSearchFox that adds a menu item to the right-click menu called “Add OpenSearch plugin”. Just right-click in any search box and select that option. Works pretty well, and there’s a FF 1.5 version too. Jake

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    Jake, the screencast is a demo of how easy and useful it is to use OpenSearchFox. By the way, the four clicks include the one right-click.

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    Ha. I see that now from my PC. On the Mac, the page wasn’t loading all the way from some reason. Oh well, technology = hard. Jake