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Where in the World are Oracle ACEs?

Just published on the Oracle ACE Program homepage: Find Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors on this Google Map. Cool!

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Filed in Oracle on 18 Sep 07

Reader's Comments

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    What, no Oracle ACE’s in India ? Something is seriously wrong with that.

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    “We could not calculate driving directions between New York, New York and Mark Rittman @50.821987,-0.140076.”


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    No ACE from Poland – it should be fixed somehow 🙂 BTW. Spam protection = 13 – my favorite number

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    I think they should make it a bit clearer that those locations aren’t exact (I have already had one email from someone saying “I know where you live!”…luckily the email was a friendly one and not a mad-internet stalker type 😉


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    are you afraid of the groupies? 😉


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    Well Howard’s is pretty much spot on, just outside Sydney. Only if you go REALLY close and switch to Satellite, it looks like he’s logged on from the middle of a paddock.

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    I Live in Paris, but seems to be located at hundreds of kilometers on this map…