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FriendFeed Invites and Six Cool Twitter Applications

Thanks to Jake, I now have a bunch of my “Web 2.0 accounts” aggregated into one place at FriendFeed:, Flickr, Google Reader, Google Shared Stuff, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

You can subscribe to my feed here. FriendFeed is great. I like it. It is currently in private beta testing. However, if you’re interested, just leave a comment below and I’ll send you an invite.

Speaking of twitter, I’m starting to like it more. You really have to pick the right friends you follow, otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed by useless chatter. Too bad my employer has blocked twitter, but that’s not a problem. I use:

  1. twittermail to post tweets by email from work
  2. itweet to read and post tweets from my iPhone
  3. twitbin to read and post tweets from my Firefox sidebar from home
  4. twittergram to post voice tweets from my iPhone (or any phone)
  5. jott to convert my voice into text tweets from my iPhone (or any phone)
  6. twitterfeed to publish any RSS feed to twitter.

I use twitterfeed in many different ways, like for example posting photo tweets from my iPhone to Flickr->twitter. I also publish my blog feed to my twitter account. Moreover, OraNA, Oracle and OOW twitter accounts use twitterfeed as well.

There are many other twitter applications, but the ones above are my favorites.

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Reader's Comments

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    Hi Eddie, do you have more FriendFeed invites?

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    Eddie – How does this ‘Lifestream’ differ from Tumblr ?

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    Julio, I have emailed you an invite.

    Andy, I can quickly point out a couple of differences. FriendFeed generates a “smarter” feed. Here is an example feed item:

    “shared How to Build a Credible Blog, Access your mashup while mobile, and 1 other item on Google Reader”

    Notice that instead of generating three items, it combined all three into one. Moreover, FriendFeed changes the verb “shared” based on the service. For example, “posted … on Twitter”, “shared … on Google Reader”, “published … on Flickr”.

    Second, unlike Tumblr, you can actually comment on items shared on FriendFeed. I have also noticed that FriendFeed aggregates much faster than Tumblr. On the other hand, Tumblr is like a blog, you can post directly to it. You can not do that with FriendFeed.

    These are the things that I can think of right now. Of course, FriendFeed is still in Beta, and you know what that means.

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    Hi Eddie, do you have more FriendFeed invites?

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    Eddie: Obviously, I also have FF invites, in case you run dry. Just drop me a note. Jake

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    Thanks Jake. So far, I have been able to meet the demand.

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    I would also like an invite 🙂