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Different Ways to Follow Oracle OpenWorld 2007

Whether you’re attending Oracle OpenWorld this year or not, the following Web 2.0 services will keep you informed about up to the minute happenings during the conference:

Official Stuff

Unofficial Stuff

Contribute Stuff

If you are attending OpenWorld this year, here is how you can contribute to the mashup of services above:

  • Snap photos and email them to Your photos will appear in the openworld07 flickr tag stream, be added to the oow07 flickr group and show up in the oow twitter channel.

  • If you are on twitter (if not, here is a guide to get you started), and want your tweets to show up on and eventtrack, just follow and prefix your OpenWorld related tweets with @oow.

Cool Stuff

Check out the following interesting blog posts from Jake and Dennis related to oow and eventtrack:

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    In the unofficial stuff, there’s also Technorati’s capture of “openworld07” tag use.

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    Don’t forget to tag your videos: openworld07


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    Thanks guys. I have added your links to the post.

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    Hi Eddie, I have reposted this post in the Oracle Wiki. Hope that is ok with you.

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    Sure, no problem Marius. In fact, it’s a good idea.

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    […] Eddie Awad lists the official and unofficial tools which include, YouTube, Twitter, wiki, Oracle Mix (a social networking tool for Q&A) plus the usual assortment of blogs. […]