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So Far at Oracle OpenWorld

The past couple of days at Oracle OpenWorld have been very enjoyable, though tiring sometimes. Here is a sampler of my activities so far:

Recorded a podcast with Justin Kestelyn. Take a listen here.

Attended OTN Night:

Met with Dan Norris, Laurent Schneider, Andrew Clarke and others at OTN Night:

Met Jake and Rich from OracleAppsLab and talked about and how it can benefit Oracle users groups. More on that later (Thanks Jake for the lunch):

Attended Tom Kyte’s session about Oracle database 11g new features:

Went to the Oracle blogger meetup organized by Mark Rittman:

During the blogger meetup, Ameed Taylor introduced me to the Enterprise Irregulars bloggers who were just a couple of tables away. I did a quick podcast with them about their meeting with Oracle Co-President Charles Phillips. But, alas, the podcast recording was lost (grrr! never trust a web2.0 beta service). However, I managed to snap a picture:

Two more days to go…

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    Might be a good idea to post a mini-blogroll of the Oracle bloggers featured here.

    Some were a little ‘jet-lagged’ – sorry – unclear.

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    I agree with Andy C. If you or Mark Rittman have time can you post a blogroll of the Oracle Bloggers who were at the meetup and or were interviewed

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    […] Awad looked back on Tuesday at the previous two days of OOW with some photos of Oracle mavens, some quick audio clips, and a podcast interview with OTN’s […]

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    Per Eddie’s suggestion in Oracle OpenWorld Connect, I’d included a link to the “technology” feed of my blog, mrontemp.