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Oracle in 3 Minutes: Multi-Versioning

I felt like doing something new last weekend, so I went ahead and created Oracle in 3 Minutes, a new “show” on I plan to produce one three-minute episode a week. An episode is basically an audio and video screencast.

Each episode includes a demonstration and a presentation about fundamental Oracle concepts and coding techniques you may have forgotten about, in addition to cool and useful things I learn during my day to day experience with Oracle tools and products.

To start, I chose multi-versioning in the Oracle database as the topic of the first episode:

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Reader's Comments

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    This is a great concept and an essential refresher for veterans of oracle technology and newbies alike.

    I very much appreciate your community efforts, please keep it going.


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    Good idea and very well done Eddie!


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    Neat, one of those things I knew about but seeing it like that really makes you understand what’s going on.

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    Thanks guys. I appreciate your taking the time to watch the screencast.

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    Sweet, love the format.

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    You rock man…wonderful !

    Now I am gonna open Expert Oracle Architecture again, 7th chapter šŸ™‚

    Hoping to see more of this wonderful stuff…

    Thanks Sidhu

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    …..series Oracle in 3 minutes on his blog. In the first post he has disc……

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    Thanks for posting this. A fundamental Oracle concept but not one that is necessarily easy to explain.

    I think the worked example and format worked really well.

    Cheers, Andy

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    Thanks. Now the challenge is to produce 3 minutes every week. It sounds easy, but preparation takes much more than 3 minutes. The good thing is that I enjoy it.

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