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Guess How Many Database Editions Oracle Has

When I opened page 42 of the programmer’s paradise catalog, I noticed, and for the the first time, that Oracle has a Database 11g edition called Standard Edition One. By the way, I did not order the catalog and I do not know how it ended up in my mailbox.

I know about the three Oracle database editions: Express Edition, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. But, I did not know there was a Standard Edition One.

While looking at the Standard Edition One, I saw that there was also a fourth fifth edition, the Oracle Database Personal Edition. There is a chapter in the Oracle database 11g documentation that describes the four five editions and the features available with each. There is also this Editions page on the Oracle Wiki.

But what about Oracle Lite? Why is it not called a database edition as well?

Oracle Standard Edition One

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    The fifth edition is unfortunately not available on Linux. Personal Edition is the cheapest way for an independant consultant to get access to patches and to Metalink

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    Oracle Lite isn’t included because it doesn’t have the same base code as the other Oracle editions that you mentioned. It is really another database product altogether, but with some capabilities that let you use it with a mainstream Oracle edition, like the ability to link to Oracle to get a snapshot and merge changes with the source table in Oracle. Think of it like Oracle RDB or Oracle TimesTen.

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    @Laurent: duh! of course the fifth edition. @John: Makes sense, and it’s mainly used on mobile devices. Thanks.

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    Eddie, this is a really useful page too:

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    Thanks Justin. Yes this page is very useful too. In fact, I do link to it in my post above.

    By the way, I forgot to mention that, by default, Oracle Lite is automatically installed and used as the dehydration database when installing the Oracle SOA suite using the basic configuration (Windows only).

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    Our company has deployed some of our smaller systems on Oracle Database Standard Edition One since Oracle Database 10g came out (I believe that’s when Standard Edition One was introduced). Our initial 8i implementations were on Enterprise Edition with Partitioning, but that’s an expensive proposition (especially since our market is price competitive), so we began exploring other options. For some small customers, Standard Edition One works just fine.

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    Yeah Oracle Lite isn’t edition as previously mentioned. But as I’ve understod for one or another reason Oracle as company has at least 11 different databases 🙂 Oracle DB Inno DB TimesTen Berkley DB Oracle Lite Coherence RDB CODASYL Express Server Hyperion Essbase Stellent Links to each one of them one can found here

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    […] Awad was not at UKOUG. Perhaps he was immobilized by his bafflement over how many database editions Oracle has. With the help of those who left comments, the answer seems to be: five. Until one of them pipes up […]