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Twitter Updates for 2007-12-27

  • Hello everyone. I’m back from my Orlando vacation. I Arrived home today at 2:30 AM after a 3 hour delay at Chicago O’Hare. Glad to be home. #
  • Even though we had fun in Disney World, we wasted hours just waiting in line. There was a line for everything, even the restrooms. #
  • Next time I go on vacation it is going to be somewhere that very few people know about. But I doubt such a place exists. #
  • @bigjim Thanks for the tip Jim. I figure anytime other than official holidays is the best time to take a vacation. #
  • I have just activated Twitter Tools, a WordPress plugin, on my blog. Now my micro-blogging will be nicely digested into my normal blogging. #
  • @Radu43 Yes I missed Twitter. Disney gets -2.0 with all the lines. Waiting in line with two kids is not fun 🙁 #
  • I have to go and make up for lost sleep. You all have a good night and sweet dreamzzzzzzzz. #

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Reader's Comments

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    You just went at the wrong time of year. My two sons and I went before ODTUG Kaleidoscope last June, and it was busy, but by carefully using the timed entry tickets, we rarely waited more than 15 minutes for anything. And we never waited for a restroom. I went one October and got on any ride I wanted with NO waiting.

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    Yes, we picked the wrong time. We had fun nevertheless. It’s all about breaking your daily routine and add some flavor to life. That’s what vacations are supposed to accomplish. By the way, the Disney Fast Passes did help.