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The Digg site for Oracle stuff, that’s how Matt Topper described his newly born Oracle site, where you can submit Oracle related stories or articles and vote on submitted ones.

For a start, articles with at least three votes will be promoted to the front page. You can grab the front page’s RSS feed here. Moreover, all the articles you vote on will be saved in your profile for easy retrieval later on.

On Twitter, Jake came up with the idea of feeding OraNA to ora-click, so Matt setup an automatic import of posts from to The result is that now you can easily vote on your favorite Oracle blog posts without even submitting them, including your own posts if you are an Oracle blogger.

Here is an idea, how about every month, the blogger with the highest number of front page posts is declared the blogger of the month?

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    Thanks Eddie for the kind words, I’m hoping to start a bi-monthly show much like diggnation (except audio only) once the site really gets kicking. I’ll be inviting the top bloggers / other Oracle community people to participate. Needless to say you’re one of the top ones on my list.