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8 Things You May Not Know About This Blogger

Jake Kuramoto has tagged me to write eight things about myself in an effort to “learn more about the people you interact with using New Web”. Without further ado, here I am personally telling you 8 secrets about my personal life:

Now, the next tagged victims are: Tom Kyte, Doug Burns, Mark Rittman, Ameed Taylor, Alex Gorbachev, Laurent Schneider, Pawe? Barut, and Steve Karam.

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Reader's Comments

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    Video response, w00t! Good stuff, although most of it is not really new to me. I guess we’ve met enough times in first life.

    Thanks for playing.

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    Thanks for starting it Jake. The meme is spreading fast!

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    Eddie, thanks for the tag, I’ll have to do this when I get home from this week of travel. Very fun!

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    Like your video response! Nice idea to respond that way. Makes it even more personal.


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    @Steve: Looking forward to reading your 8 things.

    @Patrick: What! You liked my video response! You mean I did not scare you away 🙂 Thanks anyway. But wait, I hereby tag you as one of my victims. So feel free to tell us your 8 secrets.

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    Congratulations on becoming a US citizen! That’s a big step and not too easy to navigate from what I’ve gathered from other friends that have “crossed over”. Also, with a 1.5-year-old around the house, you must record that in a sound-proof room–I didn’t hear evidence of anyone in the house! 🙂

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    @Dan: Thanks for the congrats. It’s a big step indeed. It took me 9 years to “cross over”. I would not dare recording when my baby Julie is awake. I usually do my “blog stuff” late at night when every one is sleeping in the house.