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Oracle Blogs and Blog Posts Ranked

Do you want to know which Oracle related blogs are the most linked to? Do you want to know which Oracle related blog posts are the most viewed? Just visit the following two pages on

  • OraNA Technorati Ranking: I published a similar list twice before, once in May and once in July 2007. This time, the list has its permanent place on OraNA. I will update it at least once a month.

  • OraNA RSS Feed Stats: Feedburner powers the main OraNA feed. I tapped into Feedburner’s API to provide feed stats and a list of detailed feed item use and popularity. The list shows the number of views and clickthroughs for each blog post in the last 24 hours. This list is automatically updated every day at 5:00 AM PST.

Have fun!

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Reader's Comments

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    I noticed that despite the fact that I have a blog about Java listed on (look for Eduardo Rodrigues), my blog doesn’t seem to appear in this Oracle Blogs rank nor to be included in the Oracle Blogs aggregator. And its Technorati current authority is 6.

    Is there any special reason for my blog not being included?

    Tks, Eduardo.

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    Eduardo, I have just added your blog to

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    Hi Eddie, can you please add my blog to your blog. Our related oracle blog should be great for link each other. My oracle blog is something like oracle reference to find oracle error code or oracle error message.

    Thanks Eddie.



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    @John: It looks to me that your blog is no different than Oracle’s own error messages documentation found at