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Most Developers are Young and Clueless About Databases and SQL

That’s what Stephane Faroult claims in the third part of his three part video series about SQL database performance best practices (shown below). Do you agree with him?

For sure, there exist young database developers whose level of expertise is still very shallow. But, isn’t that how we all started? As you grow older and learn and try new things, you gain more experience and you become less and less clueless.

So, older developers have more experience than younger ones. But, younger developers tend to be more energetic and learn new things faster. This is of course a theory and a generalization as much as it is common sense. What do you think?

Now, do you mind If I ask you this question:

No matter, I did enjoy watching Stephane’s videos, especially the third one:


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    Hey Eddie You now our age but you did not ask if we were clueless :0) Tim

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    @Tim: Based on your age and other factors, I can assume with a high degree of certainty that your not clueless.

    I can say the same thing about the readers of this blog. Looking at the poll results so far, I see that about 88% of respondents, are 26 and older.

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    […] the Oracle blogs now. Eddie Awad’s blog claims that most developers are young and clueless about databases and SQL. At least, “that’s what Stephane Faroult claims in the third part of his three part video […]

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    Most computer science curricula touch on databases/sql lightly, if at all, yet require a fair amount of ‘normal’ programming.

    So yes, I think it’s fair to say that a junior programmer typically has less background with sql or in database design than they do in procedural or object-oriented programming languages.

    In practice, I assume newer programmers need more coaching and code reviews for their database work — not because they’re not interested, but they simply haven’t had the exposure. I mean, let’s get real: how many of us heard the phrase “three-valued logic” in college? I know I sure didn’t.

    The good news, as Eddie points out, is young programmers are eager to learn and often love a new challenge.

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    @Beth: I agree with you. By the way, I have just recovered your comment from the spam queue. For some reason, it was stuck there.

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    Some of us are even older that 45 😉