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msgbarbottom the Social Network for Oracle People

I pre-launched as a private, invite only social network this morning. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably got the scoop first.

Now, I’m officially launching and making it public and available to everyone in the Oracle community. If you are an Oracle developer, DBA, customer, employee, or just interested in Oracle databases, Oracle applications and related technologies, feel free to join. There is no invite needed, however, you can always invite your friends once you become a member.

As a member, you’ll meet new people, make new friends, help and get help from fellow community members, socialize, stay up to date with the latest happenings in the Oracle community and even start your own blog.

Here are some of the features available to you as an member, in no specific order:

  • Create your own blog.
  • Manage blog posts and moderate comments.
  • Choose the option to publish blog posts in the future.
  • Add photos, files, and widgets to blog posts.
  • Upload photos and videos from a computer or mobile phone.
  • Embed videos from any video service on the web.
  • Add photo and video comments, ratings, tags, locations, favorites, and share via email.
  • Start and tag a discussion.
  • Create public or private groups.
  • Add group descriptions, images, discussions, and members.
  • Customize the appearance of your profile page.
  • Add widgets to your profile page.
  • See which members of the community are online now.
  • Embed Photo slideshows, video players, and OracleCommunity badges anywhere on the Internet.
  • Set different privacy settings for every photo, video, group, or blog post.
  • RSS feeds are enabled for all features, such as members, discussions, photos, videos, and blog posts.
  • And much more…

Even though is not affiliated with Oracle, I believe that it is a great addition to Oracle Mix and the Oracle Wiki.

Let’s make grow and be a great place to hang out, have fun and learn a few things.

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