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Yet Another Oracle Social Network in the Works

In addition to Oracle Mix, Oracle Wiki and Oracle Community, OAUG will be launching yet another Oracle related social network called the Knowledge Factory.

The Knowledge Factory will provide a platform for users to exchange ideas, experiences, and expertise within the Oracle Applications member community. It will feature user profiles with pictures and biographies, blogs, forums and wiki. Sounds familiar?







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    Another social network?

    It is getting really hard to keep up.

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    Hehehe.. let just hope that this new social network will have another benefit for us oracle developer or oracle guys 😀

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    […] Eddie Awad could speak to that. He yet another Oracle social network in the works, writing, “In addition to Oracle Mix, Oracle Wiki and Oracle Community, OAUG will be […]

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    […] Looked at through the enterprise lens, Twitter is a feature of a much richer set of communication and action tools. Building an AIR client – if that is what is required – is not that difficult. Video apps are a dime a dozen so expect to see enterprise versions. It’s already happening. We’ve seen the emergence of Eventtrack, the result of random Tweets that turned into a conversation about how Twitter could be used in a business setting. You can be sure that IBM is thinking about this in its own clumsy way. SAP is pondering the possibilities while Microsoft has the technology but can’t figure out what to do with it. That only leaves Oracle. Goodness knows what’s going on at Redwood Shores but no doubt we’ll find out in due course. Right now, it seems to be left to outsiders like Eddie Awad to come up with the cool stuff. […]

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    I will like to keep out with update around the world and i will do my part to spread community in Malaysia.

    But it just a bit much network community for us to join ? Would have it better to stick with 1 and bigger one ? as i just join oracle Community.

    We got Oracle Mix for Online radio …:) Oracle Wiki for Wiki in Oracle technology.. Oaug..the last and final Oracle application group worldwide…

    Should we join all of them ? or have it integrate through rss ?

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    Each one has its own features: Oracle Mix is mainly about gathering and sharing ideas about Oracle products. Oracle Wiki enables collaborative writing about any Oracle related subject. I have not seen Knowledge Factory yet, but based on its description, it focuses on OAUG content and members.

    And finally, It does not have the publicity that the others have, but its distinction is that it is not created or supported by Oracle Corporation or any of its affiliates. Members are free to submit technical and non-technical content. In addition to blogs, forums and groups, members have the option to upload photos, videos, podcasts and create their own events…

    Whether you should join all of them is up to you, but, I say why not?

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    I would love to check this out, but it seems OAUG like to shut out Oracle employees. Not really in the spirit of online communities and Web 2.0… I’ll have to be content with Oracle Mix.