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A Quick Update

I owe you, my dear reader, a quick update. If you have been following me on Twitter, you already know that on April 23 I started a new job with a new employer. In the last three weeks, I have been adapting myself to the new environment. This is not easy to do after being in the same job and the same employer for 9 years.

My new position is still “Oracle Developer” and I’m still based in Portland, Oregon USA. I will be doing SQL and PL/SQL development, Fusion Middleware development like Portal, OID, Business Intelligence and SOA/BPEL, in addition to E-Business Suite. I will be exposed to a broader and different set of Oracle technologies compared to my previous job. As always, I will share my new experiences with you through my blog.

One thing I will not continue doing is ColdFusion. Even though I have not blogged about it for a while, now I know for sure that I will not be using nor blogging about ColdFusion at all. As a result, I have changed the title of this blog to: News, views, tips and tricks on Oracle and other fun stuff. No more ColdFusion.

Because of this transition, my blogging activities have dropped recently. There is a lot of useful stuff I want to blog about. I promise I’ll find the time to write and hit the publish button. However, somehow I always find the time to Twitter. Hey, how much time does it take to write a 140 character blog post?! You can always follow me there.

Thank you for being a loyal reader.

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Reader's Comments

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    KLC eh? I pay my weekly bill with them through their website using my Blackberry — that’s nice. Speaking of which, there’s surely a discount plan for readers of employees blogs?

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    I know for sure there is a discount for employees. I started to save a bunch on my two year old daughter.

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    We can always follow you on Twitter…unless Twitter is down. 🙂 Hope everything is working out well in the new position.

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    Hello Eddie,

    Have a good time with your new position. I know exactly how you can feel changing employer after 9 years. I was going through this 2 years ago…


    BTW. Spam protection = 13 -> My favorite number 🙂

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    @OE If Twitter goes down one more time, I’m giving up on it. But wait, I cannot imagine life without Twitter. Oh! Ok, I’ll stick with it then, through its ups and downs.

    @Pawe? 13 is your favorite number, eh!. I’m not sure I have one. Maybe 30. It’s getting better and better as I feel more comfortable in the new environment.

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    Eddie, Just catching up on a huge backlog of unread blog posts. Good luck in the new role eddie – glad to hear it is still working on Ebusiness Suite, moving to Fusion middleware and eventually to all the Fusion Apps I hope 🙂

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    Thanks David.

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    Good luck Eddie with your new assignment…

    9 years is a long time…it feels so different…

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    Thanks Amardeep.