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On July 1st, was migrated to a new platform, Six Apart’s Movable Type Enterprise on top of Oracle Content DB. The list of Oracle related blogs (authored by Oracle employees and non-employees) has moved to this page on the Oracle Wiki. Only Oracle employees are eligible to host blogs on

Along with the migration came a less obvious change, no logger aggregates non-employee blogs. Here is what Justin Kestelyn wrote in this tweet: “ will not aggregate nonemployee blogs after all – does too good a job of that!”

Currently, the total number of blogs hosted on and aggregated by is 78. New blogs are being added to I can not keep current with this influx of new Oracle employee blogs.

So here is what I’m thinking: I will delete the 78 blogs from, and instead aggregate one feed, the recent posts feed. I will create one additional category on just for this feed. If I do that, will be the “one stop shop” for Oracle employee as well as non-employee blogs.

What do you think?

Update: Based on your feedback, OraNA now aggregates the feed. I have also created the OraNA updates Twitter channel (RSS) to publish site news and recently added blogs.

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    Hey Eddie,

    I think that’s fair. Everything stays in the mix but you don’t have to kill yourself keeping up.

    We want you working on your next web 2.0 brainstorm. 😉


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    @LewisC you’re reading my mind 🙂

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    Its good for me. With the regular feeds, is it possible to get a feed of new feeds. By that I mean, a feed where we can see that ‘so and so’ has been added to the aggregator. There’s some blogs where I subscribe to the comments as well as the main feed, so it would be nice to be alerted when someone new is added to the fold, so I can decide what i want to do about them,

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    @Gary what I can do is to add a new category to called “Recently Added” for example. This category will have a feed that you can subscribe to. Every time I add a new blog to the aggregator, I will also add a quick post to the “Recently Added” category on I just have to remember doing that, though.

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    Eddie that would be great and it would avoid duplicate posts. has been my one stop shop for everything oracle anyways

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    I would second what Fuad said. I also like the idea of the ‘recently added” feed on Your spam protector made my head hurt this morning: ten Plus Four? I had to think about that for a second. I was sure the answer was “good Buddy”

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    @Fuad @Bradd thanks for your feedback. @Bradd you should brush up on your math skills 🙂

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    FYI, non MT blogs, like ours are not yet aggregated into I think Carl Backstrom is also in that boat, since his is Blogger. Please keep the non-MT blogs in I will buy you lunch at your restaurant of choice here or during OOW 🙂

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    Sounds good to me Eddie. Darn all that Oracle blogging activity!

    By the way, when we read from the aggregator, is there a limit in the number of posts it sends us on a request? I note you’re definitely aggregating my blog (because I can search the history), yet my posts don’t always come through the aggregator.

    Thanks for the great service. I really appreciate the time you put into these things for the benefit of others.

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    @Jake yes, I was thinking only of blogs whose URL starts with Employee blogs that are not on will continue to be aggregated by So, no need to buy me lunch, however, having a lunch with you is always a treat.

    @Chris Hmm! In addition to the main feed, your blog is also aggregated under the category “Java Tools and Frameworks” (RSS I sure can see your latest blog post there. The RSS feed has the latest 20 entries at any time.

    Blog on…

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    OK guys, implementation done. OraNA now aggregates the feed. I have also created the OraNA updates Twitter channel (RSS) to publish site news and recently added blogs.