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New RSS Feed for Oracle Database 10g Documentation Search

How do you create an RSS feed for a web page that does not have one? you use Dapper. That’s what I did with the Oracle database 10gR2 search result page. I used the Dapper generated RSS feed for this page in my oradoc Ubiquity command.

John already had an RSS feed for the 11g documentation search results. He commented on my Ubiquity post:

A lot of the potential RSS goodness is tied up with the Web 2.0-style stuff in the 11g library. E.g. there are URLs for RSS feeds for new books, but have to find the right place(s) in the UI to link to them; for example, perhaps in the left navigation bar for each book. But the RSS feed for search results doesn’t have such dependencies, so it shouldn’t be a problem to backport.

So, a few days later, John email me the URL for the 10gR2 documentation search results RSS feed:

and for 11gR1 it is:

I have updated the oradoc Ubiquity command to use the new 10gR2 feed.

Thanks John, you rock!

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    Sorry for that last comment, I had two previous ones eaten by your spam protection, since I thought you wanted the answer spelled out as well.

    Anyway, this is very cool news. I’ll just defer to your prowess and deprecate my tahiti search plugin. However, I still think “tahiti” is a cooler command name than “oradoc”! 😉