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Oracle Community Update

The social network for Oracle people was launched on January 31, 2008. Since then, it has had a tremendous growth. We went from 1 to 2,445+ members in 8 months. Existing features have been enhanced and new features have been added. Features like chat, events and the iPhone version did not even exist when the network was created.

Here is a summary of features currently available to all members:

  • Member Profiles: Each member has a fully customizable profile with their photo, basic information and everything they’ve contributed to the community.

  • Event Listings: Schedule events, invite community members, and keep track of who’s attending.

  • Interest Groups: Create groups inside the community around hobbies, interests, affinities, geographical locations and more.

  • Real-time Activity Stream: Keep up with the members of the community. Find out what members are saying, how they’re interacting and what they’re sharing.

  • Discussion Forum: Start a discussion on any topic and watch other members respond with posts, photos and attachments.

  • Blogs: Create your own blog hosted on and potentially have all community members as your blog readers.

  • Custom Video Players: Upload original footage or share videos from popular video services like YouTube, Google Video and Vimeo.

  • Photos & Slideshows: Post photos and organize them into albums. You can show off your photos in galleries or slideshows.

  • Message Center: Send/receive messages and review pending friend requests.

  • Chat: Chat with other members of the community in real time.

  • iPhone interface: Sleek, compact, and easy to navigate, this new iPhone/iPod touch version will enable you to take your network with you wherever you go.

New features are constantly being added. Wait for a big one next month. 😉

Here is a screenshot of on the iPhone: on the iPhone

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