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My Oracle Support Community to Launch Soon

Yet another Oracle social network is about to be born. In addition to Oracle Mix,, and OAUG Knowledge Factory, My Oracle Support Community will be launched in the next few days.

If you have a My Oracle Support (formerly known as Metalink) account, you will be able to access My Oracle Support Community. It is included in your premium support package.

This morning, I attended a webcast that demonstrated the features of My Oracle Support Community. This new web application includes features commonly found on social networks, such as member profile pages, discussion forums and private messaging. It also has a point-based user reputation model similar to OTN forums.

The following is a slideshow of snapshots I took during the presentation:

A community is as strong as the level of participation of its members. How strong will My Oracle Support Community be? that remains to be seen.

Update November 1st: It’s live now! Visit, login then click on the Community tab.

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    OK, I didn’t spend too much time looking at this, but one thing caught my eye: No sharing code. WTF? We can hardly get people to say exactly what they are doing now! I’d quote some notorious forum posts, but I don’t want to embarrass anybody specifically, since there are a lot of people generally who don’t want to take the time to ask good questions.

    Did they mean proprietary code?

    I lol when I see anything called “My…” anyways. I can’t help thinking of a local adult contemporary radio station that had a series of TV ads showing this lady dressing as purported listeners of other radio station formats. She looked better as a metalhead with bad attitude than as the adult contemporary!

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    @Joel, You’re right. How did I miss that?! I find it hard to believe that “sharing code” is under the Don’ts. Maybe they made a mistake, they meant to put it under the Do’s. I’ll send them an email to inquire about this.

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    […] applications Eddie Awad says that My Oracle Support Community is due to launch later this week. Looking through the slides […]

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    In order to cut-down on their labor costs, the extra cost MetaLink will allow any metal-level member to post responses to others members questions, and be evaluated on the quality of their responses!

    This should be fun to watch.

    MOSC will include features commonly found on social networks like Facebook and MySpace, useless features such as member profile pages (where people post unverifiable experience and credentials), discussion forums (where pretenders and weirdo’s insult you as they attempt to answer questions), plus private messaging for secret communications.

    What could possibly go wrong?

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    Donald, you have a very interesting point of view. It should be fun to watch indeed.