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Harald van Breederode is an Oracle DBA trainer working for Oracle University in The Netherlands. He is an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and an Oracle Certified Master (OCM). He is also blind.

Thanks to Joel Goodman for letting us know that Harald has recently started a blog. On his blog, Harald writes:

I became blind at age 40 and it took a while before I realized how important Braille actually is. Without it I would certainly have lost the notion of layout and it would almost be impossible to perform any serious programming work. I use Braille mostly on my laptop where I use a Braille display to feel what you can see, but I use it also in my daily life to identify any medicine I might have to take for example.

By the way, Louis Braille was the inventor of braille, a world-wide system used by blind and visually impaired people for reading and writing.

Harald has a good post about Capturing SQL Statements. Also on his blog, you can find a list of papers he co-authored as well as presentations he created.

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Update: Joel Goodman also started a new blog.

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    Eddie, I was told about this guy from a friend of mine who is from Netherlands. He attended his session of RAC in Netherlands and the feedback summed up in just one word, “awesome”! Blog will be added to my blog lists as well. Cheers Aman….

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    @Aman and it is the first time I know of a blogger who is also blind. Exceptional!

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    it is the first time I know of a blogger who is also blind. Exceptional! 100% agreed! Truly exceptional!