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Morgan’s Oracle Library Has Moved

If you work with Oracle databases you probably know about Morgan’s Library, Daniel Morgan‘s creation. He has built an extensive resource for Oracle DBAs and Developers.

Dan recently pinged me to let me know that his library has moved from to and that he is no longer associated with PSOUG.

So, Morgan’s Library lives on!

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Reader's Comments

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    I agree that Morgan’s library is indeed an excellent resource. At times, better than official docs even. Good to see that its still alive and available, even on a new url.


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    Thank You. Daniel Morgan’s library awesome.

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    Thank you Eddie,

    Morgan’s Library is a link I have been recommending to others on our team for some time. I appreciate you posting the new location so I can get the word out too.

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    Thanks. Dan is sometimes a jerk of epic proportions to newbies and it hurts to watch, but he’s always right and the newbie had it coming. Now I know where to catch up.

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    DON”T go onto the new and NOT improved site and ask questions/poke around.. The webmaster seems to have an issue with questions being asked about the reason for the demise of the old users group..

    In fa, he banned me for posting the link to Morgan’s library, claiming there was legal action forth coming in regards to the ownership of it and other items..

    Sounds like a messy situation..