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msgbarbottom a Great Example of a Customer-run Community, Here is Why

The Wall Street Journal published an article titled Creating a Successful Online Brand Community – The Fans Know Best. The authors list “four things companies can do to turn a tired and rigid brand community into a powerful market-research lab, early-warning system and customer-loyalty builder, all rolled into one”.

I was happy to see that was mentioned in the WSJ article as an example of giving visitors multiple ways of interacting:

Lots of company-run communities are good at putting visitors in touch with a company representative, or at helping them find solutions to problems. But many of these sites don’t let visitors talk to each other. Where is the community in that? … Most fan-run communities, by contrast, encourage a variety of social interactions… <br/><br/>At, a site for people interested in Oracle Corp.’s database and software products, members share personal stories, pictures, videos and birthdays. They can create blogs on the site, form groups around themes and build networks of designated friends. Members can also schedule meetings and events both online and in person.

The article is a good read. By the way, make sure you join the 6,000+ members, in case you have not done so already.

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    Once again, congrats for making OC Eddie. There is nothing which is comparable to it and as not being as a strict as OTN forums, this actually is a great place to hang around.

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    Congratulations again.

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    Kudos Eddie!

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    Thanks guys! You’re part of the Oracle community, so kudos to you all too.

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    Many Congratulations for the WSJ feature. I am part of a panel discussion at OOW 09 on My Oracle Support Community. I’ll surely mention “our” Oracle !!

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    @Mohan Thanks! Let me know how the panel goes.

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    Great Eddie…congrats !!!