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Can You Read This?

Filed in Interesting on 20 Sep 09 | Tags: ,

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    It’s interesting stuff alright. I wonder what level of reading competency that effect kicks in at? There must be some point at which the brain switches over from decoding each word from the individual letters to interpreting the entirety.

    I must test my kids this evening and see how they do.

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    Yeah, it’s amazing, it’s all about neural networks combined with context decision performed by that “unparalleled” parallel calculus machine called brain. 🙂

    That also explains why normally we can leave a fair amount of typos in the text we write, because we need to put special attention in order to detect letter swapping.

    Actually the brain reads entire chunks of text, not single letters or words (unless you are reading a language you don’t know) and not only from left to right, but also the other way around. By exercising these capabilities you can achieve “speed reading”.

    Ciao! Flavio

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    I’m going to see if my 8yo son can read it too. But if he can, he will have no motivation for spelling words correctly.

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    I knew this had been around forever (in net terms), so I poked about and got some odd results from google groups (those links seem to be bbs’s rather than usenet).