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If You Have These 5 Attributes, You’re an Expert

An expert is:
  1. One who has tried, who has practical experience in a field.
  2. Conversely, one who has been tried has a few wounds to show for it. If you don’t have a glorious failure or two under your belt, you’re probably not ready to be an “expert” for others hoping to avoid the same thing.
  3. One who has acquired comprehensive knowledge and continues to learn about a field.
  4. One who has authority as appointed to them by the community for having demonstrated they know their stuff.
  5. One who experiments – taking the field further. I call them thinkers and tinkerers.

via Conversation Agent.

Some interesting comments:

DJ: I personally don’t love the word expert. After all, experts are usually wrong more then they are right.

Taylor: I typically assume that an expert is not open to embracing ideas which challenge their “expertness”.

Carolyn: A cynic once told me that an expert was someone who knew more and more about less and less until they knew absolutely everything about absolutely nothing!

Gavin: I guess we’re all experts in something!

Well, I can tell you one thing: Believe in proof not experts.

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Reader's Comments

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    Good one! But I guess, I shall never be able to call myself an expert and if I sit and think for a moment, I am better be a learner :-).

    Nice post as like always!


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    Continuous learning is what experts do Aman.

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    Continuous learning is what experts do

    Well said! 🙂

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    Nice 😉

    Just Fun and Enjoy to learning.