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Daily Roundup of News, Tips and Tricks for 2010-02-01

  • Tim created a documentation search page. If you specify your search it gives you a URL you can pass to others. When they use the URL it shows them what they could have done rather than bug you.
  • Toon demonstrates how a UI page can be serviced by the DBMS via a pipelined table function. Pipelined table functions are a great enabler of pushing business logic into the DBMS tier while at the same time enabling a SQL-based contract of the UI-layer with the DBMS.
  • Read this before deciding whether or not to implement a large block size (or a very small block size), or add either a larger or smaller than default block size tablespace.
  • No, although NetBeans is a very capable and well featured development environment there are no plans for it to replace Oracle JDeveloper. Oracle JDeveloper will continue to be an end-to-end enterprise development environment including Java, Java EE, XML, enterprise portal development, SOA development and orchestration and database development. NetBeans will be a choice for developers looking for an open-source, full-featured Java SE/EE/Mobile/FX/TV environment. This aligns well with Oracle's "Productivity with Choice" vision.

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