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Following a Few of Quality Will Give You The Quantity You Need

Great advice from Mitch Joel: Too many people are looking for too many ways to follow too many people and places. Your best bet is to do the opposite. Don't add more noise to your life. start removing the noise. It's not important to follow every Blog, and it's impossible to listen to every Podcast. If you've spent more than five minutes on Twitter, the river of tweets and the speed with which they flow makes every conversation look, feel and last a couple of seconds (at most). Become a better filter. If you're following someone and they're really not adding any value to your life (your growth, development and education), drop them. If you follow a Blog but never get to it because life happens, drop it. If you're a publisher of content (text, audio, video, images, whatever…) think about what you're publishing (noise vs. value).. More…

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    I agree entirely. Quality, not quantity is the order of the day as there blogging community is so massive. It’s return on investment.



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    Words of wisdom, Eddie! Similar ideas were expressed in Clive Thompson’s “In Praise of Online Obscurity” in the Feb edition of Wired (, and also in several recent articles about the application of Robin Dunbar’s theories to Social Networking (as in this one from TimesOnline:

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    While I agree with this philosophically, I sometimes find it a very hard thing to put into practice 🙁 … which is perhaps a larger problem unto itself.

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    Thanks for the links Bob, interesting read. It’s a constant battle between noise vs. value.