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See How Easily You Can Post to Twitter From an Oracle DB

Posting to Twitter from inside an Oracle database is not something new (OraTweet, ORA_Tweet). However, what if you could post to Twitter by simply executing a SELECT statement without using any custom PL/SQL code?

Try the following in your SQL*Plus. It will ask you for your Twitter username and password and the status message that you want to post:

eddie@db11gr2> set define !
eddie@db11gr2> set verify off
eddie@db11gr2> set sqlterminator off
eddie@db11gr2> SELECT HTTPURITYPE(
  2    UriFactory.escapeUri(
  3      '
  4        USE "" as tw_t;
  5          INSERT INTO tw_t (status, username,password)
  6            VALUES("!status","!!username","!!password")
  7              &format=json
  8              &env=store://')).getclob()
  9    json_response
 10  FROM dual
 11  /
Enter value for status: Tweeting from SQL*Plus.
Enter value for username: sqlyql
Enter value for password: sqlyqlpw

sults":{"status":{"created_at":"Sun May 02 02:02:14 +0000 2010","id":"1322057475
5","text":"Tweeting from SQL*Plus.","source":"<a href=\"http://apiwiki.twitter.c
om/\" rel=\"nofollow\">API</a>","truncated":"false","in_reply_to_status_id":null
olor":"87bc44","friends_count":"0","created_at":"Sun May 02 01:59:28 +0000 2010"

Elapsed: 00:00:01.92

The above is made possible using HTTPURITYPE and YQL, the Yahoo! Query Language. Awesome combination!

Note that on June 30, 2010 Twitter will be shutting off basic authentication on the Twitter API. After that date, the above will stop working unless the YQL query is modified to use OAuth.

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    I’d love to see someone go the other way — consume tweets, and, say, drop them into a queue in Oracle for further processing…