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Add These Oracle Related Search Engines to Google Chrome

A while ago I created and published a bunch of Oracle related search engine plugins for both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome did not exist then. Now that Google Chrome is rising in popularity, here is how you can create and use these Oracle search engines in your Chrome browser.

Unlike Firefox and IE, Chrome does not have a separate browser search bar. It has only one bar, the address bar (sometimes called the “omnibox”). It sits at the top of the browser window and doubles as a search box. You can use it in many different ways.

You access and use your search engines from the address bar. To manually add, edit, or remove search engines, follow these steps:

  • Right-click anywhere inside the address bar
  • Click on “Edit search engines…” on the pop-up menu
  • Click “Add…” on the Search Engines window

(Here is another way to get to the Search Engines window)

Now, let’s add the Oracle Blogs search engine. Copy/paste or type the following in each of the “Add Search Engine” fields:

  • Name: Oracle Blogs
  • Keyword: ob
  • URL:

Click OK to create the search engine. By the way, you can enter anything you want in the Name and Keyword fields. I usually like the Keyword to be very short and the Name to be descriptive.

The fastest way to use the search engine you just created is to hit Ctrl + L (this will take the cursor to the address bar), type in the search engine’s keyword (ob in this example) followed by a Tab, enter your search query and hit Enter.

To create the rest of the Oracle related search engines, follow the same steps described above and copy/paste the corresponding URL from the list below:

  • Oracle Forums:
  • Oracle Sites:
  • AskTom:
  • Oracle DB 12.1 Docs:
  • Oracle DB 11.2 Docs:
  • Oracle DB 11.1 Docs:
  • Oracle DB 10.2 Docs:
  • Oracle DB 10.1 Docs:
  • Oracle DB 9.2 Docs:
  • Oracle DB 9.0.1 Docs:
  • Oracle Documentation – All versions:

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