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Database Skills and Titles

Kenneth Downs:

There are three common job titles in the database area, which are Database Administrator (DBA), Database Programmer, and Database Architect. These titles tend to be somewhat variable from shop-to-shop, but generally the “Architect” term indicates the highest level of skill combined with considerable management responsibilities. The “Programmer” term is somewhere below that, but the “DBA” is extremely variable. I have seen shops where a person was called a DBA and filled a relatively constrained role closer to IT or operations (routine tasks, no real programming) and other shops where a person with the DBA title was basically the Architect.

There is also the Database “Engineer” which I believe encompasses the three terms that Kenneth mentions. After all, a title is just a title. What defines your professional life is your experience.

via The Database Programmer: Database Skills.

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Reader's Comments

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    I’d dispute whether an ‘Architect’ has a higher level of skill. Rather it is a different skill set, more modelling oriented and at a higher level of abstraction. It is probably also the case that their delivery timescales are longer and the tasks require more meetings and coordination, administration and paperwork.

    When it comes to recovering a database from failed media, I wouldn’t be looking for anyone with ‘Architect’ in the job title (unless they also had DBA as a recent entry in their CV).

    There does seem a view (mostly held by managers) that management is something that technical people should aspire to. Don’t see the appeal myself.

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      Gary, I agree with you. Regarding “When it comes to recovering a database from failed media”, I would be looking for someone who has done this or is trained to do this, regardless of the job title.