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6 interesting things you may have missed on Feb 14, 2011

  • Did you know that Google is less than 13 years old? In brick-and-mortar years, the company is still a baby, but in Internet years, it’s already had a long and varied history. No matter how you measure it, though, the last 20 years have been a wild ride for the company’s founders. Here are some questions about behind the scenes details that, if nothing more, will give you new ways to amaze and impress your geekier friends.
  • Julian is an independent database consultant specialising in Oracle performance tuning and high availability including RAC and Data Guard. 
  • A couple of video presentations about Solaris Zones.
  • If you're unfamiliar with VPN services, the utility behind a VPN is this: You encrypt all data from your local computer to the VPN endpoint, adding security to an otherwise insecure situation. A prime example is when you use an unsecured wireless connection (for example, at Starbucks or a University) or when your government wants to control or spy on your internet activity (Egypt and China come to mind, but many examples exist world-wide).
  • Background processing, delayed queues, cron jobs and other asynchronous tasks, all in the cloud.
  • Contrary to what you may think, the numbers on your credit card aren’t random. Those 16 digits are there for a reason and, knowing a few simple rules, you could actually learn a lot about a credit card just from its number. This infographic shows you how to crack that code.

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