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Oracle Pre-Upgrade Utility

This is a guest post by David Clement, a veteran database engineer and a friend of mine. You can find him online at

A handy feature that I’ve just found out about is that there is a link from Metalink document 884522.1 to the Oracle Pre-Upgrade Utility. You can get the utility without downloading the entire installation set and unpacking it.

For me, the easiest way to use the utility is to invoke the non-XML version from SQL Plus. For example:

SQL> conn sys/<password>@<tns_entry> as sysdba
SQL> spool utlu112_prereqs.out
SQL> @@utlu112i
SQL> spool off

The utility checks some interesting things:

  • your core tablespaces, including System, Undo, Sysaux, and Temp;
  • your init.ora parameters, to detect obsolete and deprecated parameters and hidden parameters;
  • your timezone file;
  • your dictionary statistics.

If you did unpack the entire installation set, the utility script is in rdbms/admin.

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    Oops, I left out the words “as sysdba”.

    Thanks for publishing this, Eddie.