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Symposium Sunday at ODTUG Kscope 11

I am currently in Long Beach, California for the Kaleidoscope 2011 conference. I attended the Database Development Symposium today (Sunday), which Chet volunteered to put together. It was an all day event and it was great. Here is a very brief summary of the presentations:

Cary Millsap talked about performance and how you can measure it by analyzing throughput and response time. Sequence diagrams are a good performance analysis tool, Cary mentioned. He then demonstrated MR Trace, a very useful Oracle trace file collector extension for Oracle SQL Developer.

Sten Vesterli took the stage next and talked about what development tools are hot or not. He mentioned a few interesting points:

  • It’s hard to find competent PL/SQL programmers nowadays.
  • Oracle is not going to desupport Oracle Forms anytime soon.
  • Oracle Reports will be supported at least through 2017.
  • Do not give up on Oracle Forms.
  • Use ADF for complex applications.
  • Use APEX for simpler applications.

By the way, check out Sten’s page.

Then Kris Rice and Sue Harper presented about SQL Developer 3.0 new features and SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.0 new features. It was nice to see that the data modeler is now tightly integrated with subversion. You could even merge data models. Later, Marc de Oliveira talked about how important it is to model your data and processes.

Then it was Tom kyte‘s turn. He talked about instrumentation, after all About 50% of oracle database code is debug code! Advice from Tom: use dbms_application_info, dbms_monitor and dbms_trace. Here is a quick tip: If you have a long running query and you do not see it in V$SESSION_LONGOPS, the query is probably not optimized.

Finally, Dominic Delmolino talked about agile development practices. Tip from Dominic’s presentation: Turn on auditing to track database changes and store the audit trail as XML on the operating system.

It was a very good first day. Looking forward to the next four days.

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Thanks to Cary and Chet (pictured above) for hosting the DB dev symposium.

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The Long Beach Convention Center is a great Kscope venue by the way, and most importantly, Wifi did not suck 🙂

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Reader's Comments

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    I’d love to hear comments from someone of the Apex team about that “use Apex for simpler applications”.

    Cheers Flavio

    • |

      I talked to one of the APEX guys. He disagrees, citing the Oracle store as an example of a complex APEX application.

      In the end, if you are skilled in a tool you’ll be able to build simple as well as complex applications using that tool.