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Oracle ACE Director Product Briefing

Last Thursday and Friday, I, and my fellow ACE Directors, attended a product briefing at Oracle HQ. Essentially, it was a mini conference for ACE Directors organized by the ACE program team.

During these two days, Oracle product managers and SVP across different product lines shared with us the latest and greatest and what’s going to be announced next week in the areas of database, middleware and development tools.

Thanks to Lewis for taking this picture.

We signed non-disclosure agreement, so I cannot share with you what I know except that it is going to be very interesting. ACE Directors Roel and Alex had to take their posts down after indulging too much information prior to the big announcement by Larry Ellison next week.

In the conference room at Oracle HQ just prior to starting the briefing sessions.

The following is what some of the other ACE Directors wrote about the briefing.


The ACE Director briefing took place at Redwood Shores, and around fifty of us heard presentations by the likes of Thomas Kurian, Mark Townsend, Ted Farrell, Ron Weiss, Wim Coekaerts and Mike Lehmann on what’s coming up with the products, and what will be launched at Openworld. So one thing that is in the public domain and that we can mention, is the launch of the Oracle Big Data Appliance. Now in Oracle terminology, “appliance” refers to something where Oracle have packaged up and pre-integrated “off-the-shelf” technology, whilst the “Exa-” product line refers to things with additional engineering, where you couldn’t just (legally) build it yourself.


It’s quite freaky to think the ACE program has got so many of us together in one spot and essentially provided a 2 day conference just for us. It’s even more amazing to think that they were able to get so many important people to take time out during the busiest time of their year to come and speak to us. I don’t think many people can pin down Thomas Kurian for an hour this close to Open World. It says a lot about the amount of work Justin, Victoria and Lillian have put in over the last few years, that they can get this level of buy-in for the program. Despite being a tired and grumpy old man, I am extremely grateful to be part of the program.


I must confess I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy the briefing – too many buzz-words and chat about technology areas I don’t give a monkey’s about! I’ve been very pleasantly surprised so far. Even areas that I had less interest in such as the Dev Tools stuff were listenable because the OTN people managed to line up decent speakers. There are also more upcoming announcements or additions to existing announcements in the database domain and not just Fusion Apps or middleware.


Until now we have seen a lot of improvements and announcements to come up. Some is already floating around the net and parts of that could be true. Wait a few more days for the complete set of details.

By the way, Markus is a very talented and artistic photographer. Check out his JavaOne and Oracle Open World 2011 photo set on Flickr.

Friday evening we left Oracle HQ and headed to the Hilton hotel in San Francisco where we are going to stay for the rest of OpenWorld. Now, imagine tens of Oracle ACE Directors lined up at the hotel’s front desk waiting to checking… but with one small problem, the hotel’s computer system is down. Yep, we waited over an hour to get our room keys. Here is a video snapshot of that moment.

Who do you recognize in this video?

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    From the outside looking in, it sounds like there are going to be some interesting announcements over the next few days.