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Oracle ACE Director Product Briefing 2012 – Day 2

Here is what happened today during the briefing:

Oracle ACE Director Product Briefing 2012 – Day 2

Here is what happened today during the briefing

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Oracle #OOW #ACED product briefing second day about to start. #OOW_AMIS Gralike
Now @mike_lehmann about #WebLogic #GlassFish and #JavaEE7 #ACEDMarkus Eisele
Second and last day of #Oracle ACE Director briefing underway #oow #aced Now presentingEddie Awad
Demed L’Her providing an update on SOA, Business Events and Integration on day 2 of the #ACED briefingBasheer Khan
Up next at #aced about #soaEddie Awad
All I can say from #ACED meetings is that I’m surrounded by some very smart people.Martin Giffy D’Souza
A quick snapshot from Debra. In the following picture, you can see me with my hand on my head 🙂
Working hard, having fun, happy #ACED participants #OOW12 Lilley
Now we’re getting the scoop on goldengate. #oow #ACEDLewis Cunningham
#aced #oow Oracle GoldenGate nextEddie Awad
Oracle: "We provide options" <- expensive options and very expensive options. And occassionally something free: ADF Essentials #ACED.Sten Vesterli
Speaking of expensive products, WebCenter briefing is up next #ACEDSten Vesterli
#aced #oow Oracle WebCenter nowEddie Awad
WebCenter: not *just* a Portal, anymore. Hoping that is a good thing.Hans Forbrich
LA Dept of Water and Power is the new default #WebCenter reference case – big deployment, good response times.Sten Vesterli
I expect the "Mobile" theme to be big at this year’s #OOW #acedEddie Awad
Seeing a demo of it now #aced RT @oraclewebcenter: Try Oracle Social Network & collaborate with #OOW attendees Awad
I like what I’m seeing of WebCenter + OSN integration in briefing session by Roel Stalman #ACEDSimon Haslam
Oracle Social Network #OSN is an application, it is what it is. If you want to build your own, use the #WebCenter social components #ACEDSten Vesterli
Oracle Social Network Developer Challenge at OpenWorld 2012 AppsLab
#aced #oow Oracle Business Analytics preso startingEddie Awad
P.M of Oracle’s Business Analytics has a daughter who wants to be a Data Scientist when she grows up. She is learning R. #ACED #kawaiiGwen (Chen) Shapira
Meeting face to face with fellow ACE Directors is one of the highlights…
Me with <a href="" class="">Eddie Awad</a>Kamran Agayev
JP Dijcks is now on, talking about Big Data #ACED More super secret stuff?Roel Hartman
When you build a data model, you are very careful about what you store. Big Data is about never throwing data away. ILM is dead #ACEDGwen (Chen) Shapira
Jean-Pierre Dijcks on Big Data use cases: Predictive analysis. Collect everything quickly and analyse it #oow #acedEddie Awad
Big data… #OOW_AMIS Gralike
Amazed by JP Dijcks’ ability to define Name Node in one sentence to non-tech people. He excels at his job, and I wish I could do the same.Gwen (Chen) Shapira
Working through #Bigdata @eddieawad #ACED Eisele
Also, will travel and eat pizza RT @TheRealLewisC: Definition of a data scientist – a statician under 30 #ACEDEddie Awad
Endeca with EBS looks amazing and this session is not under NDA #ACED Lilley
Last session of #ACED this year: Oracle Database Cloud service by Dom LindarsSten Vesterli
Last #aced session of the dayEddie Awad
Wow – a secret slide that won’t be shown at #OOW. Cameraphones and iPads snapping away. #ACEDSten Vesterli
Just learned about the SQL Developer deployment cart. Sounds very useful and will try it. #ACEDGwen (Chen) Shapira
some nice features in Oracle DB 12c that will speed up development #orclapexDimitri Gielis
Its never the banner features that grab you…some "little" things in database coming that are really really cool and long overdue #oowConnor McDonald
Thank you OTN and #ACED program, as ever I have learnt so much and is the really imp stuff. This program certainly lives us to its name #fbDebra Lilley
And that wraps up the two day Oracle ACE Director briefing. Thanks to the Oracle ACE program team for arranging it.

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