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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 – Latest News (Oct02)

Selected articles, tweets, videos and photos from Tuesday’s events:

Oracle OpenWorld 2012 – Latest News (Oct02)

Selected articles, tweets, video and photos from Tuesday’s events:

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The all new Oracle Cloud website is up and runing #oowEddie Awad
Breaking: Oracle announces preview availability of seven new Oracle #Cloud Services. Read here #ooworacleopenworld
KentG datamodeleroracletechnet
Kent Graziano, Oracle Ace Director & Database Modelling Guru, talks about Designer and the new features in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
wim sunrayoracletechnet
Arup Nanda: Engineered Systemsoracletechnet
Oracle ACE Director Arup Nanda discusses Oracle Exadata, engineered systems, and the changing role of the database administrator.
Every year I’m amazed again about how big the Moscone North keynote hall is #oow vander Deijl
Related story: Larry Ellison owns a $250k LFA from Lexus, a white one (I saw him) there are only three in CA, (Lexus told me). #oowJeremiah Owyang
With 12c’s CDB and PDB, yes. RT @mkrigsman: #oow Do you agree that Oracle is making cloud better with improved multi-tenancy?Eddie Awad
Breakdown of #Oracle Revenues: Per year $37b, or $101m a day, $4m an hour, $70,585 a minute, $1176.43 a second. #oow (via @jowyang) #oowEddie Awad
Fusion Aplications customers by geography America’s 67%, Emea 23%, Apac 10% #oowPaola Pullas
“Hypervoice turns voice into a native web object, allowing it to be searched and found in any language.” @martingeddes WebCenter
Fusion customers: CRM 38%, HCM 39%, rest ERP. of those, 2/3rds being used as SaaS in OracleCloud #oow #cloud #FusionBob Evans
multitenancy should occur at database level, NOT at application level, says Ellison—otherwise, security is compromised #oow #databaseBob Evans
BTW, I think Oracle’s "container DB" concept could be interesting for legacy #EnSW vendors that want a quick route to cloud #OOW #OOW12Frank Scavo
Ellison demo: 5B tweets, 27B relationships: #iPhone favorite mobile device, #Android second, Blackberry not far behind #oowBob Evans
Big Data is not a product, its an architecture. Various products are necessary to support all aspects of big data. #oowGwen (Chen) Shapira
#emc Joe Tucci: data is getting so big, we won’t move data to application, but applicatioins to the data #oow (via @fnelson)Eddie Awad
"ASH is like a movie of what’s happened in your database" #oaktableworld (via @orcldoug) #oowEddie Awad
Some features in 12c : data heatmap to see which data is eligible for compression.Far standby server to enable sync dg over distance,#OOWPhilippe Fierens
Partitioning 12cMost useful presentation of OOW so far, from Hermann Baer of Oracle on improvements in partitioning features in 12c – and there are lots …
Is #Oracle PL/SQL still alive? Or what’s new in PL/SQL 12c (via @orana) #oowEddie Awad
Queue tables can (finally) be partitioned! #oow (via @connor_mc_d) #oracle #database #12cEddie Awad
Ron Batra: Architecture and Architects in the Cloudoracletechnet
Oracle ACE Director Ron Batra talks about the evolving role of the architect in the age of Cloud Computing.
Basheer Khan on Oracle Fusion Applicationsoracletechnet

Oracle ACE Director Basheer Khan, founder and CEO of Innowave Technology, talks about usability, Oracle Fusion Applications, and managing cloud applications in this overview of his Oracle OpenWorld presentaions.

Chet Justice: ORACLENERD Originsoracletechnet
Grassroots community leader and Oracle ACE Chet “ORACLENERD” Justice talks about the origins of the ORACLENERD franchise.

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