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New RSS Feed for Oracle Database 10g Documentation Search

How do you create an RSS feed for a web page that does not have one? you use Dapper. That’s what I did with the Oracle database 10gR2 search result page. I used the Dapper generated RSS feed for this page in my oradoc Ubiquity command.

John already had an RSS feed for the 11g documentation search results. He commented on my Ubiquity post:

A lot of the potential RSS goodness is tied up with the Web 2.0-style stuff in the 11g library. E.g. there are URLs for RSS feeds for new books, but have to find the right place(s) in the UI to link to them; for example, perhaps in the left navigation bar for each book. But the RSS feed for search results doesn’t have such dependencies, so it shouldn’t be a problem to backport.

So, a few days later, John email me the URL for the 10gR2 documentation search results RSS feed:

and for 11gR1 it is:

I have updated the oradoc Ubiquity command to use the new 10gR2 feed.

Thanks John, you rock!

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Add Any Search Engine to Your Browser, The Easy Way

Whether you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, you probably know about this handy search box usually located at the top right corner of your browser window. This search box puts search engines at your fingertips and makes them easily available to you whenever you need them.

I have recorded a short three and a half minute screencast, with voice, that shows you how you can add any search engine to your browser’s search box, in just four clicks: Continue reading…

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Useful Firefox Extension: ConQuery

If you use Firefox and have the Oracle Firefox search plugins installed, you know that you can easily search the Oracle documentation by typing your search terms in the search box up in the top right corner of your Firefox browser.

You can get to the search box by hitting Ctrl+K or just clicking your mouse inside the search box.

I have recently discovered a handy Firefox extension that allows you to interact with the search box in a different way. The extension is called ConQuery which stands for “Context sensitive web Query”.

ConQuery puts your regular searches to the context menu and allows you to search for selected text.

Click to see a larger picture

If no text is selected, ConQuery acts as a list of shortcuts to the search engines, allowing you to enter search terms manually.

Whenever you want to correct the content of the selected text, you may hold the Ctrl key while executing a search and ConQuery will bring you the configuration dialog for that engine. Edit the text and press OK to proceed, or Cancel to interrupt the query.

The Oracle Docs Firefox Extension has a similar functionality when you right click on a highlighted text on a web page.

One of the benefits of using Firefox is the availability of many useful extensions that can make your browser a more useful tool.

By the way, Firefox extensions will be re-named Add-ons in the next version of Firefox (2.0).

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Oracle News Firefox 1.5 Extension

The extension is now compatible with Firefox 1.5.

If you have the extension in your Firefox extension list, but grayed out, just go to Tools > Extensions and click on the button “Find Updates”, an “Update Now” button should appear next to “Oracle News”. If no updates were found, then clear your Firefox cache and try again.

If you do not have the extension installed, just visit the extension’s main page to install it.

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Oracle Docs Firefox Extension

I often find myself searching the Oracle documentation library for a particular term mentioned in the Oracle related blog or technical article that I am reading. Firefox is my favorite browser, so, for my search, I have a couple of options.

One option is to open up a new tab (Ctrl+t), type in in the address bar and hit enter, then type in what I am searching for then hit enter again.

Another option is to use my Oracle Docs Firefox search plugin. In the Firefox search box (top right corner), I make sure that Oracle Docs is selected, I type in what I am looking for then hit enter (usually I hit Alt+Enter to open the result in a new tab).

Now, there is even an easier and quicker way to search the Oracle documentation, the Oracle Docs Firefox Extension. Continue reading…

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Oracle News Firefox Extension

I have taken the Macromedia News Firefox extension and modified it, the result: The Oracle News Firefox extension.

If you use OraBlogs or OraNA to keep up with the latest from the Oracle blogging community, the Oracle News Firefox extension is for you. If you do not use the Firefox browser, now is a great time to switch. So, what does the Oracle News extension do? Continue reading…

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