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Oracle has a roughly $25 billion cash balance on its balance sheet, including cash, cash equivalents and short-term marketable securities. Oracle also has a significant amount of debt (around $17 billion) on its balance sheet, which means its net cash position is around $8 billion. However, if Oracle can make use of the cash balance to make acquisitions instead of paying off debt, it could open up a lot of strategic opportunities.’s market cap is around $19 billion, and Oracle could utilize its large cash balance towards a possible acquisition attempt. is a cloud computing player that specializes in providing client relationship management (CRM) as well as other applications. The cloud computing space is an area expected to generate substantial growth over the coming years. Oracle is not currently a major player in the cloud computing market and hence could provide it with ample growth opportunities in applications software.

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Oracle Buys Convergin – Yet Another Oracle Acquisition

Oracle has agreed to acquire Convergin, a leading provider of real-time service brokering solutions.

Convergin’s industry-leading J2EE-based Service Broker platform enables communications service providers (CSPs) to manage services for a wide range of networks and application platforms, including pre-paid charging. The solution allows CSPs to focus on launching innovative services while modernizing to next-generation networks.

CSPs are increasingly looking to transition from inflexible and costly intelligent network platforms to deliver value-added services. The combination of Oracle and Convergin is expected to provide a single carrier-grade, standards-based IT platform allowing CSPs to effectively evolve their service delivery capabilities at a lower total cost of ownership.

Convergin products complement Oracle Communications’ integrated product suite, including Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management, Oracle Communications Converged Application Server and Oracle Communications service fulfillment applications.

The transaction is expected to close the first half of this year. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

via Oracle Buys Convergin.

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Oracle Buys AmberPoint

Oracle has agreed to acquire AmberPoint, a leader in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Management.More…

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Big Database Acquisitions Today

Just woke up. Checked my Twitter and boom! two hot news:

What a lovely database themed morning. Expect more coverage from the blogosphere today.

Update: But wait, here is a second Oracle acquisition for today: Oracle has agreed to acquire Captovation.

[via @Oracle and @cote]

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Oracle’s Average Acquisition Rate is 1.11 per Month

Since January 2005, Oracle has made 20 acquisitions. That’s about 1.11 acquisition per month on average, totalling $19.7 billion. Wow!

Here is the list in chronological order:

  1. 2005 – January: PeopleSoft – enterprise management software. $11.1 billion.

  2. 2005 – March: Oblix – identity management solutions. Undisclosed price.

  3. 2005 – April: Retek – retailing software solutions. $701 million.

  4. 2005 – June: TripleHop – context-sensitive enterprise search technology. Undisclosed price.

  5. 2005 – June: TimesTen – real-time data management software. Undisclosed price.

  6. 2005 – July: ProfitLogic – retailing software solutions. Undisclosed price.

  7. 2005 – July: Context Media – enterprise content integration software. Undisclosed price.

  8. 2005 – August: i-flex – banking software and services. $117 million.

  9. 2005 – September: G-Log – logistics management software. Undisclosed price.

  10. 2005 – October: Innobase – open source database technology. Undisclosed price.

  11. 2005 – November: Thor Technologies – enterprise-wide user provisioning solutions. Undisclosed price.

  12. 2005 – November: OctetString – virtual directory solutions. Undisclosed price.

  13. 2005 – December: TempoSoft – workforce management software. Undisclosed price.

  14. 2006 – January: 360Commerce – supply chain management software. Undisclosed price.

  15. 2006 – January: Siebel – customer relationship management software. $6.1 billion.

  16. 2006 – February: Sleepycat – open source database software. Undisclosed price.

  17. 2006 – February: HotSip – communications infrastructure software. Undisclosed price.

  18. 2006 – April: Portal Software – billing and revenue management solution. $220 million (transaction not yet closed).

  19. 2006 – April: Net4Call – service delivery software. Undisclosed price.

  20. 2006 – June: Demantra – demand-driven planning solutions. Undisclosed price (transaction not yet closed).

Who’s next? Only Larry knows.


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Oracle to buy the Israeli company Demantra for $41 million cash

You probably know by now that Oracle has just announced that it will expand its supply chain planning applications with the acquisition of Demantra, a leading provider of demand-driven planning solutions. Oracle has set up a special web page containing more information about this acquisition. Based on this RedHerring article, Oracle will pay $41 million in cash for the Israeli company Demantra.

What’s interesting is that the Oracle press release does not mention that Demantra is an Israeli company, and it does not mention how much Oracle is paying for the company. In fact the press release states that “financial details were not disclosed”.

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Why invest in Oracle

Oracle is a good investment. This is not my advice to you, but rather the gist of an article by Tim Beyers from the Motley Fool.

To explain why Oracle is a good investment, Tim debunks the three so-called threats to Oracle that have pervaded the market’s consciousness. To summarize:

Threat 1: Acquisition risk is too great

The conventional wisdom says that Oracle can’t possibly integrate all of these firms into a coherent whole. That could be true, but history says otherwise. The database king has bought untold numbers of software companies and successfully integrated them into its business.

Threat 2: Database sales are slowing

The truth is that Oracle’s database business is changing for the better. More and more firms are turning to open-source alternatives. Take the Innobase acquisition. Guess what that means? The minute you start looking at open-source options, Oracle is there waiting. Total dollar volume isn’t yet the proper measure of success. Customer count is. And with its recent acquisitions, Oracle has grown its customer count substantially.

Threat 3: Oracle has too many tough rivals

Oracle’s main rival is SAP. SAP is vulnerable. It has no database, and it has switched database partners more often than Colin Farrell at a celebrity speed-dating contest. Today, Oracle is the world record holder for pulling data from, and publishing to, SAP’s Business Information Warehouse. SAP is going to have a heck of a time extracting Oracle from its user base. Besides Microsoft, Oracle is the only firm on the planet that can offer a business every kind of software it needs to run a business.

OK, now I just need some extra cash in my brokerage account.

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Oracle Identity Management Webcast

If you are interested in the Oracle Identity Management roadmap and would like to know how Oracle plans to integrate the products of its recent acquisitions, Oblix, Thor Technologies and OctetString, into the Oracle Identity Management product family, you should plan to attend a live webcast to hear Hasan Rizvi, Vice President of Oracle Identity and Security Management, and key members of his development team discuss the roadmap. A live Q&A will follow the presentation.

For more information on how to join the webcast live on Tuesday, December 6, 2005 at 11:00AM Eastern / 8:00AM Pacific, please visit this page.

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Oracle Strengthens Security Offerings

Oracle announced two “security” acquisitions today: Thor Technologies and OctetString. Here is part of the e-mail which I received a few minutes ago from Thomas Kurian, Senior Vice President, Oracle Server Technologies and Hasan Rizvi, Vice President, Oracle Security & Identity Management: Continue reading…

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