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Oracle News Aggregator OraNA No Longer Powered by Google Reader

OraNA.infoYou probably heard that Google is going to shut down Google Reader (GR) on July 1st, 2013.

There are many theories, speculations and analysis as to why Google took the decision to kill Reader.

To me GR was not just a place I visit several times daily to get my dose of fresh news, it was also the backend feed aggregation engine that has powered since 2006.

With GR going away soon, I have been working over the past several days to detach it from OraNA.

I’m glad to report to you that the migration off of GR is done. OraNA now aggregates all of its syndicated feeds via its own feed aggregation engine.

OraNA has been operating since the beginning of 2006. In the process of updating it, I took the opportunity to do spring cleaning on the blogs that it aggregates.

Blogs that no longer exist have been deleted from the aggregator.

Blogs that still exist but have had no new posts since January 2012 are no longer aggregated by OraNA.

I was surprised at the number of blogs that fell into the two categories above.

The number of aggregated blogs fell from 508 to 323 (plus the feed).

Here is a live list of all the blogs that OraNA aggregates.

I guess the enthusiasm for long form blogging has fizzled out over the years. Lazy bloggers (including yours truly) find it much easier and quicker to “micro” blog using Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

On a personal note, I have moved my daily dose intake of news from GR to Feedly.

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New Blog Telling the Oracle Performance Story

Oracle Performance Storyteller, that’s the short description of Dion Cho’s blog. His blog contains many useful and interesting posts about Oracle performance diagnosis and optimization.

The blog’s tag cloud includes tags such as dbms_xplan, sql trace, sql profile and stored outline all in big font.

Thanks Coskan for bringing Dion’s blog to my attention. I have added it to

By the way, I am constantly adding new blogs to If you want to know what blogs I have added, just follow orana_updates.

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How Aggregates

On July 1st, was migrated to a new platform, Six Apart’s Movable Type Enterprise on top of Oracle Content DB. The list of Oracle related blogs (authored by Oracle employees and non-employees) has moved to this page on the Oracle Wiki. Only Oracle employees are eligible to host blogs on

Along with the migration came a less obvious change, no logger aggregates non-employee blogs. Here is what Justin Kestelyn wrote in this tweet: “ will not aggregate nonemployee blogs after all – does too good a job of that!”

Currently, the total number of blogs hosted on and aggregated by is 78. New blogs are being added to I can not keep current with this influx of new Oracle employee blogs.

So here is what I’m thinking: I will delete the 78 blogs from, and instead aggregate one feed, the recent posts feed. I will create one additional category on just for this feed. If I do that, will be the “one stop shop” for Oracle employee as well as non-employee blogs.

What do you think?

Update: Based on your feedback, OraNA now aggregates the feed. I have also created the OraNA updates Twitter channel (RSS) to publish site news and recently added blogs.

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Oracle Blogs and Blog Posts Ranked

Do you want to know which Oracle related blogs are the most linked to? Do you want to know which Oracle related blog posts are the most viewed? Just visit the following two pages on

  • OraNA Technorati Ranking: I published a similar list twice before, once in May and once in July 2007. This time, the list has its permanent place on OraNA. I will update it at least once a month.

  • OraNA RSS Feed Stats: Feedburner powers the main OraNA feed. I tapped into Feedburner’s API to provide feed stats and a list of detailed feed item use and popularity. The list shows the number of views and clickthroughs for each blog post in the last 24 hours. This list is automatically updated every day at 5:00 AM PST.

Have fun!

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iPhone and iPod Touch Version of

Last Sunday the geek in me wanted to learn something new. So, I went ahead and got started with iPhone development. I wanted to build something simple yet useful. I started at 4:30 PM and by around 8:15 PM an iPhone optimized version of was born.

The following is a short video demonstration of OraNA on my iPhone, which should also work on the iPod touch:

To browse OraNA on your iPhone, visit

Quick tip: If you want to always browse a specific category, you can bookmark the category page.

This is just the beginning. I have a few ideas for more iPhone goodness. I just need to learn some advanced techniques and of course find the time to do it.

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Infinite Scrolling at and New Oracle Bloggers Group

Aggregated by OraNA, the unofficial Oracle news and blogs aggregator, has a new look and cool new features:

  • OraNA now runs on WordPress, which means that, unlike the older version, OraNA is no more limited to showing only the latest 20 posts. It is still a River of News style aggregator, but the river has become as long as the Nile.

  • OraNA now supports infinite scrolling. You scroll and scroll and scroll infinitely. Basically, as soon as you get near the bottom of the page it automatically adds more posts (AJAX is so cool). No more “Next Page” and “Previous Page”, it’s virtually endless. Quick tip: use the space bar to scroll down and shift+space bar to scroll up.

  • OraNA has a cleaner look. Posts are clearly separated and authors are displayed below post titles.

  • OraNA now aggregates more Oracle blogs than ever, over 266 Oracle employee and non-employee blogs as of today.

If your blog is aggregated by you may:

  • add the “Aggregate by OraNA” button to your blog. Just copy the following HTML Code and paste it to your blog’s sidebar:

Google Groups
Subscribe to OraBloggers

The OraBloggers group is not really new. It was created back in January 2006 and currently has a few members. Maybe it’s time to revive it and use it as a public place to discuss the current affairs in the Oracle blogosphere or each others’ posts as Paul suggests, or whatever you like, you decide.

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Top Oracle Blogs Ranked by Technorati Authority

Recently, Technorati introduced the Technorati Authority. It is the number of blogs (not links) linking to a website in the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has.

In addition to Authority, there is also the Technorati Rank. It is calculated based on how far you are from the top. The blog with the hightest Technorati Authority is the #1 ranked blog. The smaller your Technorati Rank, the closer you are to the top.

So, who is currently the most authoritative blogger in the Oracle blogosphere? To answer this question, which somehow I had a feeling to who that would be, I have compiled a list of blogs that are aggregated by and that have a Technorati Authority of 2 or more. I then sorted the list by Technorati Authority in a descending order.

Obviously, blogs that are not aggregated by or that do not have an authority yet are not included in the list. Without further ado, here is the list: Continue reading…

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What Is

Aggregated by OraNA Please update your bookmarks and links. OraNA, the largest Oracle news and blogs aggregator, has a new home: It also has a new look. The OraNA RSS feed, however, is still the same.

If your blog is aggregated by OraNA, you can grab the HTML code from here to easily place the “Aggregated by” button on your blog.

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You Don’t Have to Use an Aggregator to Keep Track of Your Favorite Topic

With the increase in the number of blogs aggregated by OraNA, the idea of categorizing blogs into smaller groups, each with its own theme and its own feed may be a good idea (for me, I still want to keep track of everything).

For example, there are aggregators that aggregate blogs about JDeveloper and others that aggregate blogs about Oracle E-Business Suite. But, is this the best way to keep track of your favorite topic? Well, the keyword here is topic. Aggregators aggregate blogs not topics. A blogger who writes about Java and has a Java related blog for example, may also write about other topics that have nothing to do with Java.

So, is there a better way to keep track of your favorite (Oracle specific) topics? The answer is yes. You use the OraNA feed and ZapTXT.

ZapTXT is a free service that lets you keep track of RSS enabled web sites in real time. Just tell ZapTXT what topic (by keywords) you’re interested in and which feed(s) you’d like to monitor, and ZapTXT will notify you by email, instant messenger or mobile device whenever your keywords appear in the feed(s). You will even get a unique RSS feed for your notifications.

Once you have created an account with ZapTXT, you are all set to create “ZapTasks”. A ZapTask is a set of keywords you enter to monitor a given RSS or Atom feed that you specify. You can add your own feed, select one from a list of tags or create an OPML file to monitor keyword(s) across multiple feeds. You can specify multiple keywords separated by boolean operators like AND and OR. You can also enter a phrase in the keywords field and enclose it in quotation marks to perform an exact match.

Once you have created a ZapTask,

  • You can view all of your alerts online.
  • You can modify your delivery preferences or deactivate your alerts at any time.
  • You can install ZapTXT Mobile Widget to access your ZapTXT data from your mobile phone.

For example, you can create a ZapTask to monitor the OraNA feed for any occurrence of “jdeveloper OR jdev OR adf”. As soon as your keyword appears in the feed you get a notification.

And here is an example of an e-mail notification:

ZapTask: name of your search
Title: Title of the blog where your keyword was found

A snippet of the blog post where your keyword was found

Link to full posting: URL
To see past alert results go to:

ZapTXT is a very useful service that helps you stay up to date and focused on your favorite topics.

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Four New Blogs Added to OraNA

Just a quick note to let you know that I have added the following blogs to OraNA:

Have a great weekend!

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