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Logger: a PL/SQL Logging and Debugging Framework

Martin D’Souza:

Logger is a PL/SQL logging and debugging framework. It’s used in many organizations to instrument code in their Oracle applications. Tyler Muth created Logger a few years ago and has since released several upgrades, the last being 1.4.0.¬†After some great feedback, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just launched¬†Logger 2.0.0 Beta.

Instrumentation, logging and debugging utilities are essential in any PL/SQL development project.

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Framework Comparison

OK, you are torn between Fusebox, Mach-II and Model-Glue and you cannot decide which one to adopt and use as your framework for developing ColdFusion applications. To help you reach a decision, I suggest you take a look at Sean Corfield’s feature comparison matrix where he writes about the pros and cons of each of the three frameworks. You can also download sample applications in all three frameworks from here.

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