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The Naked Truth of Mogens

Let’s take a short break from the deluge of Oracle OpenWorld related blog posts and watch this video of Oracle ACE Director Mogens Norgaard (WARNING: Not safe for work):

(via Dan Morgan)

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Oracle Nose Job – Part 2

After the huge success of their first video, Mogens and Morten demonstrate an Oracle database installation, again wearing a straitjacket:

(via Kevin)

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Use Only Your Nose to Install an Oracle Database (How-to Video)

Kevin says “Oracle Database is the Most Difficult Product to Install”, Howard says “Quite the silliest”, I say watch for yourself:

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When Pictures Go Wild

I’m having too much fun with PikiPimp this Sunday evening 🙂 🙂

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Fan emails

A couple of people recently used the contact form on my blog and sent me the following two e-mails:

Please help me where i can get the software for downloading oracle Software in…

Also please suggest me which software is best suited .i mean the correct URL so that i can easily Download it.I m going to pursue my Oracle Certification soon .so for practise purpose i need that software..please help me in this regard

Please do reply

But wait, the next one is even better:

Dear Oracle,

I would like to use your products:
Oracle 10g; and Oracle JDeveloper 10; and Oracle SQL Developer

I wonder whether you could ship me CDs free of charges for learning. (I’m living in Vietnam)

I’m looking forward to your help,
Thanks in advance,


Wow! my name is “Oracle” and I ship CDs all over the world for free. Sweet! And since I am the “Oracle”, I can correctly guess the shipping address too.

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Breaking News

In other news:


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Google Store in The Middle East


The Arabic writing on the left says: “The newest computer games”. The one on the right says: “Computer maintenance”.

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