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Infinite Scrolling at and New Oracle Bloggers Group

Aggregated by OraNA, the unofficial Oracle news and blogs aggregator, has a new look and cool new features:

  • OraNA now runs on WordPress, which means that, unlike the older version, OraNA is no more limited to showing only the latest 20 posts. It is still a River of News style aggregator, but the river has become as long as the Nile.

  • OraNA now supports infinite scrolling. You scroll and scroll and scroll infinitely. Basically, as soon as you get near the bottom of the page it automatically adds more posts (AJAX is so cool). No more “Next Page” and “Previous Page”, it’s virtually endless. Quick tip: use the space bar to scroll down and shift+space bar to scroll up.

  • OraNA has a cleaner look. Posts are clearly separated and authors are displayed below post titles.

  • OraNA now aggregates more Oracle blogs than ever, over 266 Oracle employee and non-employee blogs as of today.

If your blog is aggregated by you may:

  • add the “Aggregate by OraNA” button to your blog. Just copy the following HTML Code and paste it to your blog’s sidebar:

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The OraBloggers group is not really new. It was created back in January 2006 and currently has a few members. Maybe it’s time to revive it and use it as a public place to discuss the current affairs in the Oracle blogosphere or each others’ posts as Paul suggests, or whatever you like, you decide.

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Have you ever wondered about the difference between the use of DISTINCT and GROUP BY in your queries? I certainly have. Wonder no more. They are, for all intents and purposes, the same (as demonstrated by Tom).

Even though it requires more typing, but I prefer using GROUP BY (instead of DISTINCT when possible) as it is more explicit about what’s being unique or not in your result set.

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