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Traditional Programming Language Job Trends

Robert Diana:

Unsurprisingly, Objective-C has the most growth, but the growth has slowed since our last update. C# growth is solid, hovering around 100% for the past 3 years. Visual Basic and C++ continue to decline. Perl and Java are still showing signs of life, but the growth is not very significant. What does all this mean? First, it is clear the iOS development is hot as is all mobile development. However, mobile development does not seem to be affecting Java or the growth of mobile is offsetting the decline of Java in the enterprise space. Why does Java and some of the others show relative growth, but not strong growth in the trend graphs? Basically, we are seeing that while some of the languages are still showing increasing job postings the relative growth chart, the percentage of postings is less than before. So, other languages not in this list may be increasing in demand quicker than these traditional languages.
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Want to Learn Java? Hear What the Father of Java Has to Say About It

In this video, James Gosling, best known as the father of the Java programming language,  provides some wisdom about Java and software development for students. In short, Java is easy to learn especially to people who have not done software programming before.


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15 Ways Oracle Can Make Java Better (and Improve Its Stance with Developers)

When Oracle acquired Sun, the database giant also acquired the Java technology that was Sun’s lifeblood. Oracle Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison called Java the most important technology Oracle has ever acquired. With ownership and leadership come responsibility. Java’s future is now in Oracle’s hands. This eWEEK slide show presents 15 ways Oracle can improve Java and boost its position in the Java community. More…

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Securing Java In Oracle [PDF]

It is an interesting case of coincidental timing that within a week of the Oracle Sun deal being finalised by the EU1 that the Blackhat conference in DC should publish David Litchfield’s research for NGS Software 2, on how to escalate privilege using the Java functionality built into the Oracle DB 3. David’s research is not patched yet so would normally have only been made privy to the Administrators at Oracle’s SecAlert, but it has been made “Public” so it is now risk mitigation time.

Thankfully these Java related Oracle vulnerabilities have been discussed privately for a number of months beforehand, thus giving the Author time to fix them with a provably low risk of affecting other Oracle functionality.

In the absence of a patch from Oracle this paper provides information on how to fix the Java related vulnerabilities in both 10g and 11g which were detailed in David’s Blackhat presentation on February 2nd 2010.More…

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Get image dimensions

Here is a quick and dirty (and easy) way to get the width and height of an image. It should work for both JPG and GIF files:

<cfobject type="JAVA" action="Create" name="tk" 
<cfobject type="JAVA" action="Create" name="img" 
img = tk.getDefaultToolkit().getImage("c:\img.gif");
width = img.getWidth();
height = img.getHeight();
<cfoutput>#width#<br />#height#</cfoutput>

That’s the beauty of ColdFusion, you have all of the Java language available to you right out of the box. ColdFusion is after all a Java application behind the scene.


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